Capital Project Report for 2015/2016 Financial Year

Alterations and Additions to the High Court

i)    Construction and upgrading activities are currently underway at the High Court in Windhoek. The project is aimed at addressing a severe shortage of office space for the Registrar and staff members, which the Ministry experienced for some years.

The current upgrading works, which started in September 2014, are for Phase1, and so far the following main project components were attended to under the mentioned upgrading and renovation works:

  • The Judge Presidentís chamber has been upgraded and renovated, where three (3) new offices with a reception area and a boardroom were constructed.
  • The Registrarís section was upgraded and renovated, where three (3) new offices were constructed for the Chief Registrar, Deputy Chief Registrar and Chief Legal Officer respectively. A new Server room and Switchboard room were also constructed, including a strong room with a Cash office.
  • A new Criminal Case Section with two (2) strong rooms was also constructed.
  • A number of more new offices and archives will be constructed under this phase.


The above discussed phase is estimated to cost the Ministry a total amount of N$ 35.4 million. The project is scheduled for practical completion in August 2016.

ii) The following main components of the project are earmarked for construction and upgrading under Phase 2:

  • Seven (7) existing courtrooms will be upgraded and renovated, where two existing courtrooms will be partitioned into two new courtrooms, with another three new courtrooms added.
  • Six (6) existing Judgesí chambers will be upgraded and renovated, and ten (10) new chambers will be added.


Phase 2 is estimated to cost the Ministry a total amount of N$ 50 million, and is projected to commence after practical completion of Phase 1. A total number of 45 job opportunities have been created.

Katima Mulilo Magistrateís Court Construction

The site for the construction of a new Magistrateís Court at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region was handed over to the contractor in April 2015.

The new court building will comprise the following main components:

  • Two (2) courtrooms, which are envisaged to be increased to four (4) during phase 2.
  • The building will also have a cash-hall, to enable members of the public to make their revenue payments on a daily basis.
  • Four (4) offices for Magistrates, which might be increased to eight (8) during phase 2.
  • Four (5) offices for Prosecutors, which might be increased to eight (9) during phase 2, two consultation offices, a victim-friendly room, a boardroom, three (3) offices for Legal Clerks, two (2) offices for Interpreters, parking and ablution facilities for staff and the public.

The contract amount for this project is N$ 45.7 million, and the estimation for phase 2 is still to be finalized. A total number of 54 job opportunities have been created in respect of this project