The Directorate: Legal Services is responsible for the administration of legislation and legal policy on matters at national , regional and international level relating to mutual legal assistance, extraditions, human rights and humanitarian law, bilateral and multilateral affairs, policy and research, legal education, professional discipline of legal practitioners, and authentication of public documents for use in foreign jurisdiction by issuing of Apostille in terms of the Hague convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legislation for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention).

Our key role...

Is to provide efficient, cost effective and specialised service of issuance of apostille, service of foreign process, and enforcement of maintenance orders between Namibian and foreign countries. And to process clients' complaints against their legal practitioners by forwarding them to the Disciplinary Committee and to process various applications that must be dealt with by Board for Legal Education. And to coordinate GRN human rights programmes and deal with the relevant legal matters in relation to SADC, AU, the Commonwealth and UN effectively and professionally.

Our functions include:

Directorate: Legal Services and International Cooperation provides services in terms of, and regulated, by various national statues and Treaties and other international arrangements.

The Directorate carries out, among others, the following main functions.

  • The issuance of apostille in terms of the Hague Convention 1961
  • Executing incoming and outgoing requests for Mutual Legal Assistance and Criminal and civil matters.
  • The service of the court process in Namibian on behalf of foreign Governments
  • Instructing foreign Governments to serve court process in their countries on behalf of Namibia
  • The processing of extradition requests by foreign Governments in respect of fugitive offenders found in Namibia
  • Requesting foreign Governments to process Namibia's extradition requests in respect of fugitive offenders wanted to stand trial or serve sentences in Namibia.
  • Carrying out enforcement of maintenance orders in Namibia on behalf of designated foreign governments.
  • Requesting designated foreign governments to enforce maintenance orders for the Ministry of Justice.
  • Processing complaints by clients against their legal practitioners that must be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee of the Law Society of Namibia.
  • Processing various applications that must be dealt with by the Board of Legal Education in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act
  • Coordinate GRN programmes and projects on human rights
  • Submitting reports under international human rights instruments to international bodies.
  • Responding to queries and questions on human rights and international humanitarian law.
  • Coordinating legal matters concerning SADC, AU, the commonwealth and the UN.
  • Publication and provision of Government Gazzetes.