Law Reform


The Directorate is responsible for review, reform and development of the law

What we do

Provide secretarial and functional support to the Law Reform and Development Commission (LRDC) who has the mandate to recommend

  • the repeal of outdated and unnecessary laws;
  • the consolidation and/or codification of branches of Namibian law;
  • the enactment of laws that promotes Human Rights
  • the harmonization of customary law and common law with statutory law and the constitution

provide technical advice and assistance to O/M/A/s on their law reform initiatives

undertake research on all branches of law

make the law accessible

conduct public and stakeholders consultations on law reform projects

prepare reports on recommendations made by the LRDC on reform of the law to the Minister of Justice

submit LRDC activity reports to the National Assembly through the Minister of Justice

Contact details

Chief: Law Reform

1st Floor, Mutual Platz Building

Ministry of Justice

Private Bag 13302


Tel: +264-61-23 3194 / 230 008 / 230 486

Fax: +264-61-240 064 / 228 571

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